Interest-only Portfolio Management

Identifying shortfalls and creating disposal strategies

If you have a sizeable interest-only portfolio due to mature in the next few years, we can assess the extent of your exposure and identify any likely shortfalls in your borrowers’ repayment plans.

This unique, fully outsourced service combines an assessment of each property with a detailed review of each borrower’s financial circumstances. This makes it simpler for you and the borrower to make informed decisions and agree an appropriate course of action.

The service works in the following way:

  • Establish extent and value of repayment vehicles
    We (or an appointed agent) write to borrowers outlining the information we require, arranging a fact-finding visit within seven days. We establish evidence of any repayment vehicle and how far it will cover the debt.
  • Establish current loan-to-value ratios
    We appraise the property using an Automated Valuation Model. If the projected value isn’t within your required parameters, we can conduct a fly-by appraisal, drive-by appraisal or market appraisal to establish the most accurate loan-to-value ratio.
  • Provide management information and individual mortgage reports
    We use our in-house management system to monitor any expected shortfalls in mortgage balances across your portfolio, providing you with reports in the format and at the frequency you require. We also provide reports at individual property level, with details of any expected shortfall and summaries of potential exit strategies.
  • Provide borrowers with access to financial advice
    We provide borrowers with access to advice to establish their options for repayment, including re-mortgaging and equity release schemes.
  • Offer a managed sale process
    If borrowers don’t have adequate repayment vehicles or alternative strategies, we provide you with our managed sales process orAssisted Voluntary Sale service, aiming to achieve the best possible price for the property in the shortest timescale.

We also ensure we treat customers fairly by offering support to borrowers, including downsizing services and help with removals, conveyancing and providing a property move checklist.

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