If a property in possession hasn’t sold within a defined timeframe, our Refresh scheme immediately comes into force – it’s an innovative strategy designed to achieve a sale while mitigating your risk.

At the 90-day mark (or alternative period agreed with you), any unsold property automatically transfers to our Refresh team. They take over the management of the case and create a new proposal for you within five working days.

During this period, the property remains with the current agent at the same asking price, ensuring there is no gap in marketing. However, the Refresh team get to work and:

  • Ask the current agent for a new market appraisal
  • Obtain a fresh market appraisal from an alternative agent, assessedas being most suitable based upon our agent selection criteria
  • Obtain a Local Market Report (LMR) on the property
  • Examine other options for the property, and investigate why it remains unsold
  • Send a Field Agent (if required) to get an independent view of the property
  • Create a detailed report with proposals for an exit strategy and most appropriate agent
Spicerhaart Corporate Sales

Proven strategies for aged properties

The number of Accounts per Employee (APE) assigned to Refresh case handlers is much lower than in normal asset management teams, giving them much more time to concentrate on aged stock properties to create a bespoke exit strategy.

They do it by drawing on the experience of the whole team, from Team Leaders and Field Agents, through to the Client Account Managers and Managing Director.

They also take a 360o view of your property, considering aspects such as whether:

  • Would any refurbishment benefit the property which wasn’t deemed appropriate at the outset
  • The costs of required work are outweighed by a projected increase in asset value
  • There is a market to rent, with a view to a future sale
  • Additional bespoke marketing might effect a sale
  • There is an investor market for the property
  • The property is suited to auction, and what its likely sale price might be
Spicerhaart Corporate Sales

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